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We all know by now, I suppose, about the Celtic festival called Samhain, pronounced SAH-win, (however that works) that is considered to be the origin of Halloween. People from back then believed that on this day the veil between the world of the living and that of the dead things and the spirits can freely cross over into our world. Priests used this opportunity to contact higher spirits and make predictions about the future.

Also, for the Celts, November 1 is the Day of Death. They believed that their Sun God was losing power, while Samhain, the Lord of the Dead, was taking over the world. To avoid being punished or suffering because of his wrath, Druid priests were performing ceremonies and offered sacrifices. They would go from house to house asking for cats or other animals from the community, to offer to the gods. If you gave them something you were blessed with prosperity, but if you refused, you would get cursed. Trick or treating much?

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Did you know that during this night fairies get especially demonic and they would go about stealing babies, trick and hurt people and even hunt the spirits of the dead and throw them in Hell? Well, don’t wanna piss them off now, do you? I’ll think twice from now on whenever I’m reading a story with fairies.

Also, look out for spiders. Seeing one slowly descending from the ceiling is a sign that the spirit of your ancestors will pay you a visit. If you see one fall onto a lit candle and it burns up, means that witches are around, so heads up for spells or hex bags!

What about the costumes? Because spirits are allowed to cross over tonight, some of the living don’t want to deal with them. So, they dress up as ghosts, hoping they would pass as one of them and be left alone. Also, they are dressing up in order to not be recognized by the departed spirits that may come to visit.

Happy Halloween!

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